Welcome to my site

Welcome to theParadox42's official site! Here I host games I make, made with or converted to WebGL. Feel free to browse around, and play my games!


Project Boost

My best unity game, fly a rocket through moving obstacles. Most people can't get past the second level, can you?

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Skiing Game

Ski down a mountain dodging trees and polar bears. Can you beat the all-time highscore?

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Jungle Safari

Can you escape the jungle alive? Play this choose your own adventure game to find out. Made using Unity

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Square Game

An anti-color square is on the run, and the colors are out to get you! How long can you last

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Block Buster

A classic game, with great graphics

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Neural Network

Neural Networks model the brains neurons. Recently I developed a multipurpose AI, with the intelligence of plants. Probably less smart but you get the point. I got them to use artificial selection to play a game, but if they aren't any smarter than rocks, just reload. Play Against AIs

P5 Games

Some of my most fun games, using a basic canvas library called P5.js. I have also took lots of my games that I made on Khan Academy, which uses a similar library, to p5.js

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Unity Games

Although these games aren't the funnest right now, Unity is an amazing engine, and able to create awesome games once I finish learning.

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